Bored James In Riverdale


This page has been real quiet lately…
So, it’s springtime in the ‘Dale, but my corner of Central Riverdale near 236th is as dead quiet as ever. Are there any avenues for an early-30 something wanting to get involved in the community somehow? I’m sick of taking the 1 train down to Manhattan whenever I want to do anything cool and I know our community (although don’t we actually have to talk to one another for it to be community?) has so much potential.

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5 Responses to Bored James In Riverdale

  1. Nicole says:

    What do you consider cool?

    • nomablogger says:

      Good question Nicole. I think cool is taking a quiet walk through the park.

      • Nicole says:

        I love quiet time in a park! I’d like to get into gardening. I also like socializing over coffee and listening to live music. Recently I’ve gotten into a variety of teas.

  2. Theresa says:

    James, for evening hangouts there’s music at Tin Marin and An Beal Bocht. The sidewalk cafes are open at multiple restaurants nearby. Still more going on at Bronx Alehouse and the other pubs down the hill.

    Getting involved — you can take classes or join groups at the libraries, the Y, Wave Hill. Wave Hill and Van Cortlandt Park can always use volunteers. There’s sports leagues and a running club. A friend of mine played darts in a league at Riverdale Steakhouse for years. You could try a church/synagogue/Ethical Culture Society. Walking a dog is a great way to get to know people in the neighborhood too. I joined the Riverdale Choral Society and it’s great — we will have a Summer Sing on June 19th and start the fall season in September. Or borrow a friend’s kid and take them to the playground!

    If you like the outdoors, there are great trails in the parks, including the Old Croton Aqueduct and the Putnam. One of our huge perks is being right in the corner of the city. I mean, I know it’s only Yonkers on the other side of the border :-) but there are amazing linear parks going clear up into mid-Westchester County. And did you know you can bike from here to the zoo or even City Island, almost completely on park paths?

    If you can say more about what you like to do, maybe someone will know the perfect place to do it in Riverdale. Hope this helps.

  3. James says:

    Thanks to those who replied. I wanted to get this in before the blog is gone. To me, ‘cool’ involves actual interaction with fellow human beings, not hanging around in front of the TV or computer indoors.

    What I’m really looking to do is to meet other people. I hardly know anyone in the neighborhood! I love the Bronx Alehouse and An Beal Bocht is great too. There’s also the excellent and still fairly new Bronx Burger House on Moshulu Parkway.

    Theresa – yes, the parks are great. I’ve taken the Putnam Trail from VCP all the way up to northern Westchester on my bike and run the Tortoise & Hare trail on a regular basis.

    I’ve considered the Ethical Culture group, but sort of imagined it consisting of a room full of old dudes in tweed smoking pipes. Is that completely off base?

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