Riverdale Commercial Shoots at the Bell Tower



A commercial was on location at the Bell Tower during morning rush hour. Two musicians were filmed strumming next to the tower. Buskers in Riverdale? Go figure.

A grip on set said it is a commercial about Riverdale.

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9 Responses to Riverdale Commercial Shoots at the Bell Tower

  1. Is it possible to fill 30 seconds with info about Riverdale? Did the cast and crew fall asleep during filming?

    Ok– enough teasing for now.

  2. Hi says:

    We have 94 pizza places in Riverdale

    • nomablogger says:

      That’s too much pizza.

    • Anonymous says:

      Plus litter, dog poop, and a ton of empty housing.

      • nomablogger says:

        There’s Wave Hill…

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, Wave Hill, sure, but there’s plenty of eyesores because people leave their trash on the ground, and some property owners and businesses don’t seem to care much about cleaning it up. Even the parks are a mess- there should be a volunteer initiative to spring clean the parks, since the Parks Dept is doing so little. Next time you’re outside observe for yourself. The Riverdale Press could have 30 “Eyesores of the Week”
        instead of just one. Riverdale seriously needs a Spring Cleaning.

      • nomablogger says:

        Van Cordlandt is a mess. Ponds have tons of trash.

  3. James says:

    This page has been real quiet lately…
    So, it’s springtime in the ‘Dale, but my corner of Central Riverdale near 236th is as dead quiet as ever. Are there any avenues for an early-30 something wanting to get involved in the community somehow? I’m sick of taking the 1 train down to Manhattan whenever I want to do anything cool and I know our community (although don’t we actually have to talk to one another for it to be community?) has so much potential.

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